About ed-trix

Who are we?

ed-trix is a crea-tech company that offers hybrid education combining creative thinking & technology.

Why do we do?

ed-trix programs have been designed keeping cognition and metacognition as a backbone.

Benefits of enrolling in ed-trix programs are as follows:

  • Helps students to become independent learners.
  • ed-trix has a positive impact on learning.
  • ed-trix improves students' academic achievement across learning domains.
  • Improves students' cognitive functions such as attention, emotion, communication, memory, perception, concept formation, thinking and reasoning.
  • ed-trix also improves their decision making, problem solving which overall enhances their academic performance.

How are we different?

With intricately designed programs to improve cognitive abilities & train metacognition. Programs are developed by our dedicated R&D team concentrating on increasing performance for each age group.