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About edtrix

Ed-Trix is a groundbreaking creative technology organisation, pioneering a new era in learning by seamlessly blending creativity and cutting-edge technology. Our unwavering conviction is that creativity serves as the catalyst to enhance the boundless potential within every individual. Our mission is to deliver a unique hybrid learning experience that defies the constraints of traditional education, empowering people of all ages to thrive in the modern world. We firmly endorse the notion that the fusion of creativity and technology is the blueprint for shaping the intellectual landscape of the future. With Ed-Trix, we aim to usher in a unique hybrid learning journey that cultivates the innovators, leaders, and problem solvers of tomorrow.

What do we do?

ed-trix programs have been designed keeping cognition and metacognition as a backbone.

Benefits of enrolling in ed-trix programs are as follows:

  • Helps students to become independent learners.
  • ed-trix has a positive impact on learning.
  • ed-trix improves students’ academic achievement across learning domains.
  • Improves students’ cognitive functions such as attention, emotion, communication, memory, perception, concept formation, thinking and reasoning.
  • ed-trix also improves their decision making, problem solving which overall enhances their academic performance. 

How are we different?

With intricately designed programs to improve cognitive abilities & train metacognition. Programs are developed by our dedicated R&D team concentrating on increasing performance for each age group.



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