About Ed-trix

Who are we?

We are a group of educational enthusiasts who have come together to develop a set of module that will develop the cognitive skill for students of all ages.

What we do?

ed-trix is an independent education platform that is parallel to the conventional education. It focusses on the cognitive information processing stages and have created tailored made programs for the development of cognitive process.


The courses are designed according to the learner’s age. The programs are focused on introducing and improving one’s attention, communication, memory, emotion, concept formation, thinking & reasoning.

By improving the learning process one will be able to do different types of thinking & reasoning i.e. creative, critical, analytical, convergent, divergent, concrete, abstract, logical etc.



Our program learners has showed their progress on their improved abilities on intelligence, performance, empathy, creativity, decision making & problem solving. Thus boosting them up in their education and career & life

Fundamentals of ed-trix

Intelligence is inadequate with ignorance of applying it in life. Aptitude is the inborn potential to apply our intelligence on all things. Ability is the knowledge and skills that one develop by constant learning and practice

Cognitive Information Processing Stages

Our cognition has the methods of processing any information which gets imbibed into our mind through all senses see, hear, smell, taste & touch. The information gets processed with only the basic level such as attention, communication, emotion & memory then the processed information just increases the data stored in our mind.

Learning & Practice

The leap from storing the learning information as just data to the level of improving your intelligence & abilities comes from filling up the missing processing links such as thinking, reasoning & concept formation.

Improving your abilities leads to high performance, intelligence, creativity, decision making, problem solving and many others.

What ed-trix offers to schools?

All the programs of ed-trix are designed incorporating design thinking and cognitive function development which goes hand-in-hand with the new National Education Policy 2020.

 We are the pioneers in Implementing design thinking into education modules in Chennai.

 Our organization is founded on the pedagogy of activity-based education and ‘learn by doing’ ideology.

 Structured Programmes to implement the new policy changes.

 Partnered labs in the affiliated schools to conduct various workshops over the year across multiple disciplines.

 Training programs for the teaching and assistant teaching faculty at the affiliated schools in lieu of the new Education Policy.

 Positioning the school’s brand to take swift measures to integrate the new Policy into your Pedagogy.

What ed-trix offers to schools?

 Activity based learning techniques to attain Foundational Literacy & Numeracy (FLN)

 Exposing kids to design awareness at an earlier age.

 Curriculum designed to improve Design thinking and basic life skills.

 Sketching and art courses to increase creativity and observation skills.

 Training to crack entrance exams for creative & design fields, such as NID, NATA, NIFT, CEED, UCEED, JEE II.

 Year-round workshops and activities conducted by many professionals from the industry to impart practical knowledge to the students.

 Complete assessment of the student’s aptitude, interests and skills.

 One-on-one Career Guidance and Counselling from various experts.

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