Yoganand VP is a Car & Transportation designer from Milan, Italy. After his post-graduation from Domus Academy in Milan, he worked with multiple international design firms including FIAT, Pininfarina, BTS – Design Innovation srl, FCA-Canada, Landini SpA and more. Yogi expanded his design strength into Industrial, Interior & Graphic Design in the early days of his career. He worked as a Deputy Manager – Product Development in TI Cycles of India, bringing over 100 products to the Indian bicycle market successfully through brands like BSA, Ladybird, Hercules, Roadeo & Montra. Yogi was also part of the Advance-Design team innovating various industry-first creative concepts. He has also designed various brand identities such as the logo design for TATA International’s bicycle division – “STRYDER”. On his passion towards business, Yogi pursued his MBA in International Business Management. Yoganand is the Founder & Design Head at Nix Dizains LLP, a multifunctional design studio in south India. Yoganand spreaded his dominance to become a successful entrepreneur having various businesses in the various fields of Design, Food & restaurant, constructions and more.

Having a proven track record in project management roles, combined with demonstrated design experience, Yoganand has worked towards continuous business growth through design. With strong interpersonal & teaching skills, he has the ability to motivate & drive students to mold them into world-class designers.



Program Director

Babu is a dynamic educationist with over two decades of experience in establishing and managing multimedia institutions across various cities since 2000. With a background in Visual Effects and Psychology, he brings a unique blend of creativity and psychological insight to his role as a Happiness Coach. Babu’s innovative programs, Crea and Hapi, have successfully enhanced creativity and well-being among educators and students alike. His ability to foster positivity and create enriching environments has earned him a reputation as a transformative figure in education and personal development.

Parveen S

Counseling and Psychotherapy

With a comprehensive background encompassing a B.Tech degree and an M.Sc. in Counseling and Psychotherapy, Parveen is a proficient professional who navigates the intricacies of therapeutic conversations and interactions seamlessly, particularly within the context of child and family dynamics. Her expertise lends valuable insights that aid children and families in comprehending and resolving challenges, effecting behavioral modifications, and fostering positive life changes.
Parveen specializes in an array of therapeutic modalities, with a focus on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), and Play Therapy. These specialized approaches encompass diverse techniques and interventions, catering to unique needs and situations. Driven by a commitment to fostering well-being, Parveen stands as a beacon of support and transformation, bringing her proficiency and empathy to the forefront of therapeutic practice.



I am a dedicated professional with a robust background in skill and knowledge augmentation. Having served as an adept Aptitude Trainer at esteemed institutions such as DQLABS, Gos Institution, I Arch Institution, Smart Training, and Ed-Trix, I stand out in the realms of problem-solving, communication, and management. Currently, I am instrumental in fostering placement achievements at Gojan School of Business & Technology.

My academic journey boasts an LLB from Bharath University, an MBA from SRM Valliammai Engineering College, and a Mechanical Engineering degree from Gojan School of Business and Technology. My portfolio encompasses significant undertakings, including a comprehensive analysis of customer satisfaction at ITC GRAND CHOLA HOTEL CHENNAI and an in-depth study of HR policies at JUMBO BAGS PVT LTD. Additionally, my engineering ventures eloquently showcase my innovative aptitude.


Ar. Akshaya

Interior Architecture

I am Ar. Akshaya, a dedicated professional with a master’s degree in Interior Architecture. My journey commenced as a junior architect, a role that nurtured my foundation in the field. Throughout my career, I have actively engaged in various design competitions, earning recognition such as a special mention in the G-Sen Trophy by NASA.

Driven by an insatiable appetite for learning, I prioritize upskilling on a daily basis. Beyond my personal growth, my passion for education shines through my extensive classroom experience. This journey not only allows me to share my profound fondness for design but also enables me to connect with students who consistently challenge me to explore uncharted avenues of thought.

Recognizing the complexity of effective teaching, I approach it as a Herculean endeavor. My unwavering dedication to becoming a better professional is a testament to this commitment. As I continually strive for excellence, I stand ready to contribute and inspire within the realms of interior architecture and education.

Jasmine M

Arts & Design

Originating from Chennai, my affinity for the arts was evident from an early age. After attaining an MBA degree and embarking on a career in the corporate realm, I made a resolute decision to pivot towards my true passion—arts. This transition was marked by challenges, yet my unwavering determination propelled me forward.

My tenure within the corporate world served as a foundation for my subsequent role at ed-trix, where I currently serve as an Art Tutor. This opportunity has allowed me to establish connections with fellow professionals, fostering an exchange of valuable insights and knowledge.

Central to my mission is the aspiration to ignite creativity and cultivate an enduring passion for the arts among my students. I am dedicated to cultivating an environment that nurtures self-expression and technical mastery, providing a platform for growth. Guided by this vision, I am committed to empowering my students to embrace their artistic potential and cultivate unwavering confidence in their capabilities.

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