Hapi Program

The Hapi Program is dedicated to nurturing enduring happiness and fostering success through a comprehensive range of activities, creative ventures, and the development of a positive mindset. Our program is thoughtfully designed to empower participants, particularly students from grade 1 to 5, to build better relationships, enhance focus, amplify creativity, and uncover the beauty in every single moment. By adopting this holistic approach, individuals can experience enrichment across academic, personal, and emotional facets of life.

Discovering Happiness With Hapi

At Hapi, we firmly believe that happiness is the cornerstone of success. Guided by this philosophy, we’ve launched the Happiness Improving Program (Hapi) tailored to cater to the unique needs of students from the 1st to 5th grade. Our innate desire for happiness resonates in all of us, irrespective of the circumstances we find ourselves in. Through Hapi, we aim to instill essential qualities that contribute to a joyful life. We’re dedicated to helping individuals recognize and nurture these qualities, ultimately leading them toward a state of ultimate happiness.

Our Engaging Curriculum

Hapi offers a dynamic curriculum that combines innovative approaches to fostering happiness and success

  1. Creative Projects: Participants engage in thoughtfully crafted projects that encourage creativity and self-expression.
  2. Crea Visuals: Visual arts are used as a medium to inspire and ignite imagination.
  3. Games, Singing, Music, Dance: The joy of play, music, and movement is harnessed to create a vibrant and holistic learning experience.
  4. Social Experiment: Practical activities help participants understand the power of positivity and cooperation.
  5. Creative Events: Special events and gatherings provide platforms for showcasing creativity and building a sense of community.
  6. Off-Campus Projects: Taking learning beyond the classroom, participants explore and learn from the world around them.
  7. Field Trip: Educational excursions enrich participants’ perspectives and provide hands-on experiences.
  8. Skill-Oriented Workshops: Practical skills are cultivated in an enjoyable and interactive setting

Benefits of the Hapi Program

Enrolling in the Hapi Program offers a multitude of advantages that extend to various facets of life:

  1. Build Best Relationships: Participants develop the skills to foster meaningful connections with others.
  2. Cultivate Acceptance: Embracing diversity and differences becomes second nature.
  3. Enhance Focus: Techniques for concentration and mindfulness are integrated to improve attention span.
  4. Ignite Creativity: Participants are encouraged to love and find inspiration in all forms of creativity.
  5. Sustain Happiness: The tools acquired help maintain a positive outlook, regardless of challenges.
  6. Refine Decision Making: Enhanced critical thinking leads to better decision-making abilities.
  7. Elevate Academic Performance: The holistic approach positively impacts overall academic achievements
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